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The sexiest new meal kit that doesn't break the bank. Get your weekly meals sorted while supporting a community of your choice!

Every box is packed full of fresh, quality ingredients.

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The future of food never tasted so good

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Skip the supermarket, get your weekly meals sorted on your time. Browsing Netflix at 3am...? Order online with no judgy workers peeking your pyjama stains.

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Choose a community to support

We're nuts about community, so with every order we support a community of your choice. It's how we're gonna overthrow the evil duopoly, by partnering with local communities all over Aotearoa.

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We'll pack & deliver

Efficiently packed and pampered, your meal kits given a deluxe spa treatment before being delivered straight to your door, it's fresh so you don't have to be.

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Get cookin, good lookin

Get your magnificent ass in the kitchen and impress your friends, family or that special someone. Our meals are sure to impress, and will even make up for boring conversation (although we can't officially guarantee that).


Wow just received my first order and I am beyond impressed!! Great menu, top quality produce and the quantity was just superb!!! Thank you also for the option of add-ons was great to get my fruit, milk, eggs and bread. Brilliant service.

Karlene M.

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Classic Dinners

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What makes this brilliant, but humble company different?

More food, lower price

Who thought you could get more food then other meal kits for less? We did, thats why we did it.

Community focused

Every order supports a community of your choice. Feel great while not contributing to the terrifying supermarket duopoly.

Whole Quality ingredients

With quality full sized unprepped ingredients you get more food for less money. Your so amazing you can do it all yourself! And if you cant be bothered, you can always checkout woop :)

Digital recipe cards

Paper recipes are so 2004, all our recipes are available via QR code or email and provide options to print or download if your a bit retro.

Family favourite meals

Whats the point of paying a fortune if you don’t even like the meals? It’s simple, don’t! Find the best solution that works for you, or tell us what that is.

Collaborative Approach

How are we going to built a new food system without any friends. We can’t do this alone, we're on the prowl for besties.


Become our new bestie!