Auckland are you Ready for Kete Kai?

We are a meal kit on a Mission, we want everyone to have access to healthy affordable food.

The tribe has spoken we are feeling the love from our neighboring city... Now let's go steady, sign up and show your interest.

How does Kete Kai Work?

1) we plan and source the best ingredients
2) You order
3) we pack and deliver
4) you cook and enjoy meals

Aucklanders are you serious?
Should we move up?

Why are you not in Auckland already?

Simply put it takes scale and cash to open a business up in Auckland.

What do you do in Auckland now?

We are collaborating with some communities to really understand what Food Insecurity looks like in Auckland specifically south Auckland

When will you come to Auckland?

We need to have enough interest to warrant coming up but we could start with as little as 100 customers!

Want to support Kete Kai now?

Pay it forward
You can pay it forward to a family who needs a hand. Donate what you can and nominate which community you would like your contribution to go to. Your community of choice will pass it on to those that need it most. Find out more information here
Baking Bundle
Our baking bundle ships nationwide! Go wild in the kitchen unloading a fun-filled box packed full of 4 random baking mixes to delight your whanau. Get involved in our awesome online community and get posting your own baking creations. It’s so fun and easy your kids will show you who's boss. Check it out here