Doing good business

There are some really epic businesses in Aotearoa...

The current climate means we have a responsibility to support local. We intend to do this by highlighting and including a local business as often as we can.

Good Business

It's always better together..

Wild West Worcester

Wild West Worcester's Spicy Sweet Black Sauce is recommended with: Bacon, eggs, avocado, sausages, chops, steak, fish, seafood, rice, savoury mince.

Good Bugs

GoodBugs lovingly ferments Sauerkraut, and more, creating delicious and healthy food that is great for the whole family (and even better for gut health.)

More coming soon...

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Are you a Great business who would like to work with Kete Kai?

How it works - there is a couple of ways we can help you either you may be an ingredient that can be part of our menu, or you may have a great product you want to share. We work with you to figure out how this might be great for you and our customers.  

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