Together we will end hunger in Aotearoa by 2030

Food insecurity is when families don’t have access to healthy, fresh food every day. This is a terrible problem that disproportionately affects Māori and Pasifika families. While low household incomes are certainly part of the problem, there are deeper systemic issues that we focus on:

Hunger is an inter-generational problem. When you don't have enough money or food to eat, it’s natural to turn to cheap but unhealthy alternatives. When broken systems cause children to grow up eating unhealthy food, then bad memories, habits, and preferences stay with them for the rest of their life, as do all the different health issues caused by hunger.

Our goal is to create an affordable, mana enchancing food system that supports kiwis, no matter their situation. Too often whanau fall through the cracks meeting the requirements for support. Therefore, we’ve created Kete Koha, a program to match whanau with support, no questions asked. We plan koha at least $1 million dollars of food a year to whanau who all deserve to be happy and healthy.

Food insecurity causes stress and anxiety for both parents and children. It makes it hard for people to think and concentrate when they don’t have enough of the right fuel and energy. Children struggle at school. Parents struggle at work. Hunger makes it really hard for people to be engaged with their community.

Our goal is to create a food system that allows communities to support each other. When communities take care of one another, everyone gets to eat, children get to socialise, parents get to concentrate on what’s important. Through our Kete Ā-mua program, we plan to return at least $1 million dollars every year to supportive communities. When communities thrive, we all thrive.

Current agricultural practices cause huge overproduction of food that is mostly wasted. About a third of all food produced never reaches the tables of hungry families. Farmers also tend to produce only one type of crop, which severely damages the land and ecosystem.

Our goal is to create a regenerative food system. One that not only reduces food waste, but also encourages biodiversity and active carbon removal. By sourcing 80% of our food from regenerative farms/small businesses, we will provide better access to affordable, healthy food for all families.

Te Karanga - The Call to Action

Kete Kai exists as a catalyst for systemic change to cultivate healthy people, healthy communities and healthy land. Through a united coalition of social purpose, with public & private sector support, we will provide leadership to the entire food sector.

In many ways, ending hunger is straightforward. Aotearoa already produces more than enough food for every kiwi to eat nutritionally, we just need to change how we distribute it. Kete Kai will create a transparent collective of knowledge, experience, technology & passion. Not because we should, but because we could. Aotearoa deserves better.

If you have time, resource, knowledge, influence, infrastructure, funding, please reach out below. Together we can create change.

Healthy People

means we have affordable and easy access to a wide range of clean and nutritious food that gives your body and soul everything it needs to lead a rich, active lifestyle.

Healthy Community

means we have a strong, supportive, sense of collective belonging and connection that can shape our society in ways that benefit everyone.

Healthy Land

means being responsible guardians and caretakers of the earth that provides all we could ever need.

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Our Kaupapa directly addresses the following international UN Sustainability Development Goals for 2030