Annie's Corner

Supporting communities across the Waikato.

What's she doing?

Better question, what isnt she doing?

Annie's Corner is a local volunteer group located at 6 Keets Crescent in Enderley, Hamilton, run by Annie Williams. Annie's Corner provides free food and clothes to families in need across the Waikato.

Annie and her team work diligently to support their local community and Kete Kai is proud to contribute to their ongoing work.

Real talk

Over 750,000 kiwis struggle to get enough food to eat. We believe the cost to feed New Zealanders is simply too high and while other organisations focus on increasing the income of New Zealand families, we're working to make food affordable and accessible for all.

How you can help

We'll love you more...

You can now support Annie’s Corner directly through Kete Kai. For every time you order, $2 (if paid with KaiPay, or $1 with other methods) will be used to koha [donate] produce and other food items to help Annie and her team support members of their community. We have and will continue to donate any leftover perishable food to Annie’s Corner as well as find other ways that we can contribute to their work.

We also encourage you to visit Annie herself, donate any leftover food you may have or clothes that no longer fit, volunteer and get involved, or just join in and see a true kiwi community in action.

Contribute and feed your family!

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