Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

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How it works

1) You order and select which community house you want to send your parcel too

2) We notify the community house, they work with their families to identify who needs the Kit

3) We pack and currently offer contactless delivery to the communities or families


Whats in a community parcel?

Kia Kaha packs include, bread, eggs, milk, meat, veges, fruit, baking mix, tinned goods and pasta or rice, along with some recipe ideas.

What happens if you only get half a box paid for?

We hold the funds over for the following weeks delivery

Who else can help?

Anyone can pay it forward, we invite individuals, families and organisations to get onboard with the Kete Kai Pay it forward Programme

Which communities can take part?

Any communities within the waikato can jump on board, please reach out!

What about the families privacy?

Kete Kai does not have any direct communication with families, communities are the connector for this initiative.